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Treatment guidelines

Grafting, maxilla

Key points

  • The atrophic edentulous upper jaw presenting with less than 5-6 mm in height and 6 mm in width, requires bone augmentation prior to implant placement
  • In the anterior region autologous bone block grafts are used for vertical and horizontal bone augmentation
  • In the posterior maxilla the sinus lift is the procedure of choice for vertical bone augmentation
  • Sinus floor augmentation can be performed with immediate or delayed implant placement
  • Anorganic bovine bone substitute materials are as effective as autogenous bone for sinus floor augmentation

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Treatment guidelines

There are three main indications for grafting from an anatomical perspective...

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Treatment guidelines



Sinus lifting

Less than 4-6 mm of vertical residual bone height in the posterior segment of the maxilla is an indication for a sinus augmentation procedure [Esposito]. The external access to the maxillary sinus is carried out at a lateral buccal alveolar...

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Treatment guidelines

In the edentulous lower jaw implant insertion can be limited due to bone resorption processes and the resulting superficial alveolar nerve topography. In the anterior region less than 5-6 mm in height and 6 mm in width requires bone grafting before implant placement...

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Dr Watzek compares implant treatment with and without sinus lift augmentation procedures from the aspects: relative and absolute contra-indications, intra-operative risks, treatment time frame, success rate and cost. As a general rule, the smaller the surgical intervention, the...
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My mom is a healthy 64 year old woman. She is and upper edentulous patient who needs a sinus lift and needs horizontal and vertical BRG in the anterior region. How do I find some one who can do this correctly? I also know it is expensive and I would love to try and pay for it because it would be like her winning the lottery.?