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Treatment guidelines

Problems and complications in maxillary implant surgery

Key points

  • Complications below can occur in the maxilla regarding implant placement or bone grafting:
  • Lack of primary implant stability
  • Placement of the implant tip in the maxillary sinus or nasal cavity
  • Perforation of the Schneiderian membrane during sinus floor elevation
  • Dislocation of implants or augmentation material
  • Bleeding

Clinical topics

Success & failure

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Treatment guidelines

In the atrophic mandible soft tissues become prominent and the inferior alveolar nerve is located more superficially.
Fractures of the atrophic edentulous mandible can occur during implant insertion. Especially in hard bone...

Implants in compromised sites
Success & failure

Treatment guidelines

Incision can be made either on top of the crest or at some distance in the labial fold. The outcome for both approaches seems comparable. A sagittal release incision at the midline eases the reflection of the labial mucoperiosteum. It is logical to try to achieve...

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The All-on-4 treatment concept has an impressive track record. Described by Branemark et al. in 1971, a 10 year follow up in 1975 reported no statistical differences in success rates between a 4 or 6 implant restoration. Dr Bedrossian presents a comprehensive recent literature...


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