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Treatment guidelines

Anterior and posterior location considerations

Key points

  • In cases of limited bone volume in the single-tooth site consider using narrow platform implants, bone augmentation, orthodontic space closure or tooth-supported prosthetics.
  • Evaluate lip line, soft tissue level and presence/absence of papillae in the esthetic zone.
  • Observe relevant nerve and vessel structures and other anatomic landmarks during surgery.

Clinical topics

Radiology Patient assessment

Additional external resources

Radiography in Oral Endosseous Prosthetics (textbook) Gröndahl K, Ekestubbe A, Gröndahl H-G 1996; ISBN 91-630-4471-4 Publisher: Nobel Biocare AB

Digital Textbooks

eBook: Single Implants and their Restoration
Single implants and their restoration
Bone development, function, and adaptation are controlled by genetic as well as environmental mechanisms, so a thorough understanding of these processes aids clinicians in the proper application of bone biology to comprehensive dentistry. Due to normal human variability, there will be deviations from ideal form and function that may require some degree of bone manipulation for correction. For instance, implant therapy often requires bone augmentation and/or surgical modification of existing bone to make it possible to place a dental implant.


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