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Treatment guidelines


Key points

  • At the last follow-up visit, Bleeding on Probing (BoP), Plaque Score (PS), and Probing Depth (PD) can be recorded using a plastic periodontal probe.
  • Careful probing does not cause permanent damage to periimplant tissue seal.
  • Connective tissue level measured by probing correlates well with underlying marginal bone height in healthy sites.
  • Probing depths increasing over time, associated with bleeding and eventually exudate, are a cause for concern.

Digital Textbooks

eBook: Single Implants and their Restoration
Single implants and their restoration
In a contemporary dental practice implant dentistry should be recognized as an accepted treatment modality based on decades of success. Consequently, clinicians who provide implant surgical and/or prosthodontic treatment should develop and routinely provide patients with a dental implant oral hygiene maintenance protocol to ensure the longevity of the treatment provided. In addition, clinic staff and implant patients themselves should be advised that research has shown maintaining peri-implant tissue health is a key factor related to the long-term survival of dental implants. Furthermore, the maintenance procedures for a dental implant patient will differ in some respects from the program provided for fully dentate patents.


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