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Treatment guidelines


Key points

  • Smoking has a vasoconstrictive effect, reduces blood supply and compromises wound healing.
  • Smokers experience a significantly higher incidence of periodontitis, dry extraction sockets and post implant surgery complications.
  • Smokers should be strongly advised to quit smoking completely or at least six weeks prior to implant surgery and other surgical treatment phases and ideally also after treatment completion in order to increase long-term success.

Additional resources



Björn Klinge: Is there a connection between previous periodontitis and later peri-implantitis

A consensus statement is an agreement on currently available knowledge and may shift over time based on new evidence. Today there are solid data that there is an association between history of periodontitis and later peri-implant inflammation and infection. However this finding...

Aftercare / follow up


Sreenivas Koka: Systemic considerations in the context of osseointegration

The lecture discusses fundamental systemic health challenges and their impact on osseointegration, and reviews the influence of diabetes, osteoporosis, smoking, bisphosphonates and radiation therapy. Dr Koka presents the concepts of osseointegration and osseosufficiency, as well as...

Implant surfaces
Systemic factors
Patient assessment

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