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Treatment guidelines

Abutment and material selection, final restoration, posterior zone

Key points

  • Screw or cement retain.
  • Cement retention requires choosing between custom or prefabricated abutments.
  • Screw retention can be achieved by a variety of approaches.

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Treatment guidelines

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Screw-retained vs. cement-retained

The choice of whether to screw or cement retain an implant restoration remains one considerable debate amongst dental professionals. The literature is consistent that the success of both options are very high. Complication rates of both are essentially...

Digital Textbooks

eBook: Single Implants and their Restoration
Single implants and their restoration
A dental implant is a type of therapy that offers patients an excellent means of replacing a tooth and restore both function and esthetics. However, the process is somewhat complex and, therefore, it requires more advanced planning than many traditional restorative procedures. In the area of esthetics, the following is a list of several factors that can strongly influence, either positively or negatively, the appearance of the final outcome.


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