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Treatment guidelines

Angulated Screw Channel system (ASC)

Key points

  • The Angulated Screw Channel (ASC) broadens the ability to use a screw retained restorations.
  • The ASC is currently available only with specific implants.

Additional resources



Stefan Holst: Angulated Screw Channel System (ASC) - from clinical needs and scientific data to new developments

The presentation gives an insight in how scientific data and clinical input can be used to develop and design new products and enhance and optimize existing products, to make treatment more predictable and safe. Dr Holst highlights specifically that in dentistry we usually use...

Prosthetic materials
Single and multi-unit restorations


Peter Wöhrle: Optimized CAD/CAM and planning concepts

How can we minimize treatment planning errors and maximizing the prosthetic and esthetic outcome? Recent advances in digital applications have focused on the integration of the diagnostic phase, surgical implant placement and prosthetic reconstruction. 3D radiographic data sets...


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