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Treatment guidelines

Healed or fresh extraction socket

Key points

  • Short term survival of implants placed in healed vs. fresh extraction sockets seems similar.
  • Discrepancies in size between an extracted root and a more narrow immediately placed implant frequently require gaps to be filled with bone particles, aiming at bone site preservation.
  • Long-term data on this subject are limited.

Additional resources



David Gelb: A clinically documented protocol for immediate implant placement and loading

Based on over 20 years of clinical experience with immediate implant placement and restoration, Dr Gelb reviews treatment options and benefits for this protocol in various clinical indications, and gives a glimpse of these procedures from his daily clinical practice. Immediate...
Implant surfaces
Immediate implant placement


Joseph Kan: Evidence-based immediate tooth replacement

Dr Kan leads through a journey on immediate implant placement from both a surgical and prosthetic point of view, discussing aspects of soft and hard tissue condition, interaction of implant size, diameter, position and socket form, influences of crestal bone condition and biologic...
Immediate implant placement
Anterior implants

Digital Textbooks

eBook: Single Implants and their Restoration
Single implants and their restoration
Over the past 20 years there have been significant changes from the original Brånemark implant treatment protocols. Perhaps foremost has been immediate implant placement at the time of extraction which has become a viable treatment method. In addition, barrier membranes and grafting materials have been successfully used in conjunction with the immediate placement to augment extraction sockets and bony defects adjacent to immediately-placed implants.


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