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Treatment guidelines

NobelClinician and digital workflow

Key points

  • Digital Workflow.
  • Smart Fusion: NobelProcera® 2G scanner and CBCT.
  • NobelGuide implant placement.
  • Model-Based prosthetic planning approach.

Additional resources



Peter Wöhrle: Integrated treatment flow

How can we treat patients more effectively, and with a better outcome? Dr Wöhrle presents how to optimize treatment planning with the final prosthetic design in mind, minimize surgical and prosthetic errors, optimize patient communication, and explains an integrated, digital...
Digital workflow
Guided Surgery


Peter Wöhrle: Optimized CAD/CAM and planning concepts

How can we minimize treatment planning errors and maximizing the prosthetic and esthetic outcome? Recent advances in digital applications have focused on the integration of the diagnostic phase, surgical implant placement and prosthetic reconstruction. 3D radiographic data sets...



Stefan Holst: Introducing smart fusion technology

The digital workflow offers considerable new treatment options and opportunities for high precision restorations, yet requires to follow a strict protocol and some challenges like the correct visualization of soft tissue configuration remain. To overcome this, combination of CBCT...
Digital workflow
Diagnosis and treatment planning

Digital Textbooks

eBook: Single Implants and their Restoration
Single implants and their restoration
Computerized navigation systems offer intraoperative guidance of the surgical instruments based on a presurgical treatment plan. This technology was implemented in neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, and ear, nose, and throat surgery to facilitate minimally invasive procedures. In implant dentistry, this technology has been advocated to minimize potential risk of damage to critical anatomic structures.


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