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Treatment guidelines

Guided protocol, overview

Key points

  • Digital workflows allow full integration of therapeutic steps from patient diagnostics and treatment planning to surgery and prosthetic design.
  • Fully automated NobelClinician SmartFusion technology combines CBCT data with the model & wax-up, into a single surgical and esthetic view.
  • Flapless guided surgery allows for less post-operative pain and swelling.

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Treatment guidelines

Single tooth


Guided protocol, NobelGuide

Implant placement following a fully guided protocol (in contrast to semi-guided or by conventional manual guidance) allows the most versatile implant positioning in matters of anatomical limitations (maxillary sinus, nasal cavity, neurovascular structures, adjacent tooth roots, etc


Treatment guidelines

Single tooth


Flap- or flapless

Flapless implant surgery for single tooth replacement is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed using custom fabricated surgical guides made on occlusal casts or derived from 3D image planning softwares with integrated 3D images of the...

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Digital Textbooks

eBook: Single Implants and their Restoration
Single implants and their restoration
Computerized navigation systems offer intraoperative guidance of the surgical instruments based on a presurgical treatment plan. This technology was implemented in neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, and ear, nose, and throat surgery to facilitate minimally invasive procedures. In implant dentistry, this technology has been advocated to minimize potential risk of damage to critical anatomic structures.


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