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Treatment guidelines

Placement of restoration, posterior zone

Key points

  • Timing of placement.
  • Cement or screw retained.
  • Provisional vs. permanent placement.

Digital Textbooks

eBook: Single Implants and their Restoration
Single implants and their restoration
Given the typical dimensions of a maxillary incisor natural tooth, it is unlikely a lifelike crown would be fabricated that extends lateral to the implant by a distance that equals the implant diameter, let alone two times the implant diameter. However, in the molar region where the mesiodistal and faciolingual dimensions of the teeth are typically 10-11 mm and can reach 12 mm or more, the potential for implant occlusal overload is much greater. For instance, if a 4 mm diameter implant is placed into a mandibular molar site with a 12 mm mesiodistal dimension, the occlusal dimension of the crown for a perfectly centered implant would still reach the proposed maximal extension of the crown lateral to the implant.


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