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Christian Coachman


Dr. Christian Coachman received his education and training in Dental Technology (CDT) in 1995 and Dentistry (DDS) from the University of São Paulo in 2002. He also attended the Ceramic Specialization Program at the Ceramoart Training Centre in Brazil, where he also served as an instructor. In 2004, he joined Team Atlantic as the Head Ceramist of their laboratory, a position he held for over 4 years. He is a member of the Brazilian Academy of Dentistry, the Brazilian Society of Esthetic Dentistry, and the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. He is the scientific coordinator of an e-learning website and a consultant for dental companies and offices developing products. He has published and lectures worldwide on esthetic dentistry, dental photography, oral rehabilitation, dental ceramics and implants.

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Christian Coachman: Smile design and material selection for white and pink esthetics over implants

Dr Coachman develops how the smile design can be the primary principle of a restorative treatment plan, and how nowadays technologies assist us in achieving predictable esthetic restorations adressing functional and biologic aspects at the same time. Guided surgery is at times...
Digital workflow
Guided Surgery


Christian Coachman: CAD/CAM material selection for esthetic restorations from a restorative and soft tissue perspective

The lecture presents esthetic reconstruction principles in the anterior maxilla and discusses the challenge to integrate white and pink esthetics - soft tissue and tooth restoration. Dr Coachman presents a clinical case with an implant based crown restoration on an upper central...

Anterior implants