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Liliana Silva


Dr Liliana Silva earned her DMD degree from Porto University School of Dentistry, in Porto, Portugal, in 2002. She has had collaborations with teaching of oral surgery in a graduate program at Porto University School. She is a researcher and PhD student at Porto University School of Dentistry, in the field of guided bone regeneration. She holds a specialist degree in implant dentistry from the Santiago de Compostela University School of Medicine and Dentistry. Dr Silva also holds several Merit Awards and publication of scientific articles in oral surgery and oral pathology. She is an oral surgery specialist of the Portuguese Dental Association and board member of the Portuguese Dental Association College of Oral Surgery. She is president and founder member of ARTA – Association of Ridge and Tissue Augmentation.

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Vertical ridge augmentation in posterior mandible

This clinical report describes and demonstrates the successful use of autogenous particulate bone, anorganic bone mineral and barrier membranes to reconstruct severe alveolar bone defect.


Posterior implants
Peri-implant therapy