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Luc and Patrick Rutten graduated in dental technology at the Dental Technician School "Anneessens" in Brussels/Belgium. After receiving their Master Degree they moved to Cologne/Germany to specialize in different milling techniques and ceramic layering techniques. They lectured regularly all over Europe, in Australia, India, Israel, Japan, Saudi-Arabia, South-Africa and USA. In addition to numerous publications in international dental journals on a regular basis in the field of esthetic implantology and esthetics in general, Luc and Patrick are co-authors of several text books and authored the books "Implant Aesthetics" and "C, B and I: The Art of Harmony". Luc and Patrick maintain a dental laboratory in Tessenderlo/Belgium, dedicated to ceramic restorations and esthetic implantology.

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A 35-year-old male patient who lost teeth #11 and #21 FDI (#8 and #9 US). The treatment was based on the angulated screw channel (ASC) system and involved placement of two screw-retained single units and two Nobel Active Implants. 

Anterior implants
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This presentation will describe their experience in challenging cases as a team in a two-way communication. Clinicians and dental technicians have access to an astounding array of new technologies, tools and materials to design beautiful smiles.


This presentation puts an emphasis...



The lecture reviews the treatment of a failed bridge restoration supported by implants and natural teeth. Dr Gamborena and L Rutten explain the treatment sequence and the cooperation between the clinic and the dental lab. The lecture discusses patient motivation, treatment options...