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Dr. Luis Carlos Garza graduated as a Doctor in Dental Surgery from the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (Monterrey, México, 2011). Later, he went on to obtain a Fellowship in multidisciplinary dentistry and prosthetic implantology (Monterrey, México, 2014), a Master degree in restorative and esthetic dentistry where he was granted an award for 'Best Masters Thesis' from the Universidad Internacional de Cataluña (Barcelona, Spain, 2016), and a post-graduate degree in oral implantology from the Universidad Internacional de Cataluña (Barcelona, Spain, 2016). Dr. Garza served as an associate professor in prosthodontics at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain) and is in private practice in dentistry in Barcelona, Spain.

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Anterior single implant in the esthetic zone

A 32-year-old patient with missing central and lateral incisor presented significant loss of hard and soft tissues, and the midline deviated to the left. A Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown over implant with a GBR and a collagen membrane on #21 FDI (#9 US) was chosen.

Guided Surgery
Anterior implants
Implants in compromised sites