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Matthieu Ghibaudo


Dr Matthieu Ghibaudo currently works in Montpellier, France as a dentist since 2005.
His practice is oriented around implantology and oral rehabilitation. He has experience in pre-implant surgery (sinus lifts, horizontal and vertical augmentation and tissue augmentation), implants (from single implant case to fully edentulous patient with static guided surgery and navigated surgery) to implant prosthetic rehabilitation.
Dr Ghibaudo has also had multiple speaker appearances at national and some international lectures on topics related to implant prosthetic rehabilitation, implantology and dental photography.

Resources from this author

Scientific posters

Real world study on patients treated with anodized implants - initial results

Presented at EAO 2023, see the clinical performance of gradually anodized implants in a large-scale real-world prospective study. It follows a diverse population with varying comorbidities and demographics highly relevant to routine clinical practice.

Implant surfaces