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Peter Schüpbach


Dr. Peter Schüpbach has a PhD in natural sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and is the owner of Schupbach Ltd, a Laboratory for histology, electron microscopy and imaging in Thalwil, Switzerland. He is an Adjunct Professor in Periodontics at Augusta University, US and Academic Lecturer at ACTA University, Amsterdam. His research expertise focuses on healing events associated with dental implants and other biomaterials such as bone substitute materials and barrier membranes. He is the author and coauthor of more than 120 original articles, review articles, case reports and book chapters.

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Prevention and management of biological complications

Contrasting the ideal clinical situation with peri-implant disease, experts elucidate our understanding of peri-implant disease and its impact. Learn how to prevent, diagnose and treat biological complications in this highly interactive session moderated by France Lambert.

Peri-implant therapy
Prosthetic strategies


Treatment Checklist: Patient Status Profile

This checklist provides an overview of patient’s oral health, general health and behavioral factors to assist in a comprehensive diagnostic and anamnestic assessment.

Patient assessment


Treatment Checklist: Assessment of treatment needs

This checklist guides through diagnostic and clinical peri-implant tissue health parameters to identify potential treatment needs.

Patient assessment


Treatment Checklist: Common treatment options

This checklist presents a comprehensive selection of treatment options, on a hygienic, prosthetic and surgical level, to facilitate treatment decisions and documentation.