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Vygandas Rutkunas


Assoc. Prof. Vygandas Rutkunas received his dental degree in 2000 (Kaunas Medical University), postgraduate training in prosthodontics in 2004 (Vilnius University), and PhD in 2006 (Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Vilnius University). From 2002 to 2004 he was studying prosthodontics in Tokyo Medical and Dental University. Received “A.R. Frechette 2004 New Investigator Award” prize in IADR (International Association for Dental Research) meeting, Honolulu (USA).

Head of the Division of Prosthodontics, Institute of Odontology, Vilnius University. Founder of the Study Club of Prosthodontists (2009), head of the Lithuanian Society of Prosthodontics (2016).

Founder of "ProDentum" private dental clinic and digital lab specializing in dental implants and prosthodontics. Company is also actively involved in research and education.

Main areas of clinical and research activities - digital prosthodontics, biocompatibility of prosthetic materials, tissue regeneration. Published articles, textbooks and lecturing on these topics nationally and internationally. Contributed to FOR Consensus meeting at UPENN in 2016.