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Ye Lin


Prof. Ye Lin graduated in 1983 from Xi’an Medical University and got the maxillofacial surgery training in West China University of Medical Sciences in Chengdu from 1983 to 1990. From 1991 to 1995 he worked in the Department of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Cologne Germany as a resident and got specialist training for orthognathic surgery and traumatology. He was president of China Society of Oral Implantology (2005 – 2012). He is president of Chinese association of Oral Implant Dentists now. Since 1995 he is professor of Department of Oral Implantology in School & Hospital of Stomatology, Peking University. He did pioneer work in China on Orthognathic surgery, Implantology and so on. He has authored multiple published papers on implant dentistry and he is a frequent international guest speaker on oral implantology.

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Ye Lin: Immediate implant restoration in Chinese patients with severe periodontitis

Chinese oral health surveys reveal, that over 90 % of edentulous Chinese patients loose their teeth because of long-term severe periodontitis. Chinese patient do not or a not able to seek regular dental check up's and treatment due to time, cost or cultural reasons. Dr Lin is...
Immediate implant placement
Edentulous treatments
Prosthetic materials


Ye Lin: The epidemiology of edentulism and the challenge of meeting the needs of edentulous patients in China

The lecture gives insight in the demographic and oral health situation and preferred treatment options for edentulous patients in China. Highlighted by several patient cases, Dr Lin presents suitable treatment concepts such as implant supported overdentures on two or more implants...
Edentulous treatments
Implant prosthetics
Immediate loading / provisionalization

Patient cases

Single anterior tooth replacement

A 21-year-old female patient presented with a fractured anterior incisor #11 FDI (#8 US). Pre-operative 3D-CT showed an intact buccal bone plate. The incisor had to be extracted, an immediate implant and an immediate provisional restoration were placed the same day.

Immediate implant placement
Anterior implants
Minimally invasive procedures