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FOR Virtual Symposium & Live Surgery Streaming Event

Now available as video on demand!

FOR Virtual Symposium & Live Surgery Streaming Event

The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation is pleased to bring you live educational opportunities at no charge. Jointly with our partner and organizer of the Bone Regeneration Online Global Summit, Sepa Foundation, FOR faculty was pleased to bring you a Foundations Roundtable and two live events, the FOR symposium and a live surgery. View these events originally broadcast on Wednesday 15 & Wednesday 22 September, 2021 as on demand webinars.

Roundtable Discussion FOR


Wednesday 15 September  
14:00 Central Europe Time

FOR, ITI, ORF and Sepa:

Foundations Roundtable

Language: English

Participant Clinical Lecture
FOR Symposium:

Wednesday 22 September
14:00 Central Europe Time

To Graft or Not to Graft,

that is the Question

Join the on-demand webinar here!

Languages: English, German, Spanish

Surgery Adobe Stock
Live Surgery:

Wednesday 22 September  
19:00 Central Europe Time

Regeneration of the Ridge 

in Vertical and Horizontal 


Languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian


Foundations Roundtable

Chandur Wadhwani of the FOR Board of Trustees joins the Foundations Roundtable to discuss the role of foundations in research moderated by Professors Juan Blanco and Christoph Hämmerle.

Roundtable Faculty

Christoph Hämmerle
Juan Blanco

Represented Foundations:
Chandur Wadhwani: Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR)
Bilal Al-Nawas: International Team for Implantology (ITI)
Robert Sader: Oral Reconstruction Foundation (ORF) 
Juan Blanco: Sepa Foundation

FOR Board of Trustees Representative

FOR Symposium: To Graft or Not to Graft, that is the Question

Do you wish to master different clinical situations with an armament of approaches? Four international experts come together in this exciting interactive session to discuss and debated perspectives on whether to graft or not to graft in each case. Join this advanced interactive session to gain insights into important clinical questions and dilemmas, such as: sinus floor elevation vs short implants, whether to graft a straight and a tilted implant to support a short-spanned bridge and much more. 
Learning objectives:
  • Identify single tooth replacement cases that can benefit from grafting and those cases where grafting is not required

  • Understand when raising of a flap is required and when this procedure can be skipped for the benefit of preserving the soft tissue

  • Include the patient’s needs and requirements into the treatment planning process in order to achieve a satisfying result for both parties

  • Understand the different available biomaterials and when to use which material for the benefit of the treatment outcome

  • Discuss the available scientific data for the different treatment options for treating atrophic maxillae

Symposium Faculty

Lisbon, Portugal
Los Angeles, USA
The Hague, Netherlands

Disclosures: Dr. Ana Ferro: research grants, lecture and advisory fees from Nobel Biocare. Dr. Tara Aghaloo: research grants from Straumann, lecture fees from Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Dentsply, Biohorizons and Keystone Dental. Dr. Edith Groenendijk has no relevant financial relationships to disclose. 

Symposium | To graft or not to graft, that is the question!

Video on demand

Live Surgery: Regeneration of the Ridge in Vertical and Horizontal


The Utilization of Titanium Mesh and rhBMP-2 for reconstruction of a Large Anterior Maxillary Defect

One of the more difficult defects to treat with augmentation techniques is the anterior maxillary area with loss teeth and vertical and horizontal bone support. Often the result of trauma, it can also result from prior procedures and subsequent bone loss.  The implant placement depends in large parts on the available bone to support the implants and overlying soft tissue.  Most realize this also impacts the esthetic outcome of the implants and the ultimate fixed restoration. There are multiple papers and book chapters addressing various techniques to obtain the ideal outcome both esthetic and functional.  Many different approaches are advocated to reach the ideal result.
In 2007, the FDA within the USA gave certification for the use of rhBMP-2 in maxillary anterior defects.  This has become one source for predictable bone regeneration of the missing alveolus and supporting tissues.  While the use of a titanium construct is not FDA certified; it has become the main stay for supporting the space maintenance issues needed for bone regeneration.  The questions of wound dehiscence and breakdown are some of the most common post-operative complications and will be addressed.
This live surgery illustrates from start to finish; the techniques using bone proteins in conjunction with Titanium mesh to obtain an acceptable platform for future implant fixtures. Most if not all issues will be covered using and illustrating the live surgery. 
This procedure will be broadcasted live from the surgical suite in Portland, Oregon and will include a brief introduction prior to the actual surgery.  Multiple cameras will be used to give the best possible view of the surgery.


Primary Surgeon and Moderator
Assistant Surgeon

Live Surgery | 22 Sept. 19:00-21:00 Europe (CET)


Our Partner

SEPA Bone Regen Summit

Sepa Foundation

FOR is pleased to join our partner Sepa Foundation to bring you 3 exciting live education events free of charge. The Bone Regeneration Online Global Summit is brought to you from El Camino del Santiago, Spain. It is the meeting point for experts in oral tissue regeneration and the regeneration community. 
Please mention the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation as your society when registering on-line.

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