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Hong Kong Study Club 2
FOR x YOMS Study Club
Single-Tooth Implant Restoration - A 4-step process to replace missing tooth

FOR x YOMS Study Club in Hong Kong

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Seats for both 12th and 26th of September have been fully booked. We are working with the organizers to potentially set a 3rd date for this study club. Please be on the look-out for an email from FOR on this topic and follow this webpage for more updates.

Topic : Single-Tooth Implant Restoration - A 4-step process to replace missing tooth

Speaker : Dr. James Chow
Dates: 12/9/2023 (Tue) & 26/9/2023 (Tue)

Time: 18:30 registration; 19:00-21:00

Venue: Nobel Biocare Training Center Unit, 2802-2807, 28/F, Prosperity Millennia Plaza, 663 King’s Road, North Point, HK

Fee: free of charge

Course contact: 1hr lecture + 1 hr hands-on Session 


Course Abstract : Single-tooth replacement is the most common indication in implant dentistry. Single-tooth implant treatment is predictable but challenging due to its clinical diversity. The outcome of treatment is affected by different elements in relation to host factors, operator’s skill and experience, and the characteristics of individual implant system. This introductory program is based on the “FOR Single Tooth Implant (STI) Certificate Program” and it is intended to provide the essential knowledge for predictable treatment outcomes in single tooth replacement. The purpose of the FOR STI Certificate Program is to assist dentists to learn, practice, and excel in their career in implant dentistry.


This introductory program will cover the following topics:

- Clinical indications for single-tooth implant treatment

- Diagnostics of single-tooth implant treatment

- Planning and execution of plan

- Surgical and restorative considerations for single-tooth implant treatment

- Hands-on session for single-tooth implant placement in a molar site


Learning objectives:

- Understand the 4 essential steps to successfully replace a single tooth with dental implant

- Know the differences between anterior and posterior single tooth implant treatment

- Learn how to place a single tooth implant in a healed site

- Learn how to restore a single tooth implant using conventional and digital protocols


Dr. James Chow received his dental and medical degree from Hong Kong University in 1988 and 1998 and completed his specialist training in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery in Hong Kong. He is the Honorary Associate Professor at Hong Kong University and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Dr. Chow has expertise in immediate dental implant loading, Zygomatic implants, and guided surgery. He lectures nationally and internationally and has published over 20 articles on dental implants, computer-aided surgery, and three-dimensional technology in oral surgery. His private practice is located in Hong Kong.
Dr. James Chao leads study club

Dr. James Chow leading a hands-on workshop. Dr Chow is the Co-Chair of the FOR China Council. Read more about the Council and its activities, HERE

Millenium Plaza Hong Kong

Conveniently located study club venue.

HK study club

Workshop at one of the FOR China-organized meetings.


This study club is organized in collaboration with the Young Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (YOMS) Group of Hong Kong. YOMS was founded by a group of enthusiastic Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) specialists and trainees in 2014. They aim at bringing OMFS exposures and education to arouse and foster interests in the field among undergraduates and trainees.