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The Single Tooth Implant Certificate Program

FOR Single Tooth Implant Certificate Program

Are you ready to develop your knowledge and skills in single tooth implants? Learn the theory, practice with hands-on, and excel in your own practice with mentoring. Apply today!

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Abutment Macro and Micro-design for the Improvement of the Soft Tissue Interface

During part two of this series on Biologically driven innovations for immediate and long-term success, Dr. Juan Mesquida discusses innovations that play a role in the health of soft tissue and bone retention surrounding implants.


Patient cases

Class III malocclusion

Dr. Richard Ansong presents a patient case of a 62-year-old patient. The aim of this interdiscilplinary approach is the use of dental implants as orthodontic anchorage, to correct a class III malocclusion. 

Scientific posters

Factors associated with prosthetic complications with individualized abutments

Original research presented at EAO 2022 assesses prosthetic complications with individualized abutments and identifies factors associated with higher complication rates. This retrospective, multicenter study involving 290 patients, customized abutments demonstrated excellent...

Scientific posters

Fixed-removable overdenture supported by a customized Ti-bar on 4 implants

Alessandro Pozzi gives an encore presentation of his original scientific research from EAO 2022. The custom CAD/CAM implant bar overdenture is an effective treatment option for edentulous patients with high implant and prosthesis survival rates and improved oral health-related...

Scientific posters

Factors associated with complications at zygomatic implants

This study evaluates the success and complication rates with zygomatic implants and analyzes associated factors. Presented at EAO 2022, immediately loaded zygomatic  & 45° zygomatic implants are reliable treatment options for the rehabilitation of the atrophic maxilla.

Scientific posters

Soft tissue health at novel two-piece anodized abutments

The long-term success of implant therapy can be impacted by abutment surface and abutment dis- and re-connection. Presented at EAO 2022, this study evaluates clinical, radiological, and soft tissue outcomes of a  two-piece abutment concept with a novel anodized surface.

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November 16, 2022

Implant Therapy in the Esthetic Zone

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