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The Zirconia Implant Bridge

In his virtual lecture, Dr Markus Blatz reviews the history of Zirconia and how this has changed. He addresses the importance of understanding the different types of Zirconia in order to know how to handle the material for optimal esthetic outcome and longterm success.

Esthetic zone prosthetics


Is it possible to resolve Peri-implantitis?

In this webinar recording, Dr. Markus Schlee discusses the complexities of peri-implantitis. He reviews the aims of therapy and presents the current treatment options. Dr. Schlee then presents the innovative electrolytic approach to clean implants in clinical use today.

Peri-implant therapy


Collagen Whitepaper

Authors Jay Malmquist, Todd V. Scantlebury and R. Gilbert Triplett clarify, understand, compare and further define collagen and collagen biomaterials by outlining the history, differences in collagen types, shapes, composition and fabrication. 

Bone grafting and regeneration


Treatment of the severely atrophic maxilla - Immediate Function Episode 5

Prof Paulo Maló, Dr Rubén Davó and the expert panel discuss digital planning and treatment options for the severely resorbed maxilla. Learn about the importance of the patient's quality of life through oral rehabilitation of a severely resorbed maxilla.

Diagnosis & treatment planning
Digital workflow
Edentulous treatments


The severely atrophic mandible - Immediate Function episode 4

Prof Paulo Malo, Dr. Andrew Dawood and the expert panel discuss digital planning and treatment options for the severely resorbed mandible with <5mm of bone. Learn approaches that aid patient safety and help avoid injury to the inferior alveolar nerve.

Diagnosis & treatment planning
Implant surgery


Treatment of the atrophic maxilla with soft bone - Immediate Function Episode 3

Paulo Malo, Enrico Agliardi and the expert panel discuss a patient with failing esthetics, failing teeth, and a failing prosthesis. Follow his comprehensive assessment and the surgical and prosthetic protocol to restore dignity, esthetics, and function. 

Edentulous rehabilitation
Implant prosthetics