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Key points

  • 口の小さい患者や、外傷、外科手術、強皮症、瘢痕、筋疾患または顎関節症(TMD)のある患者では、開口制限が認められることがあります。
  • 臼歯部をインプラントで治療する場合、開口制限によるアクセス制限の有無は重要な診断要因です。
  • 前歯部に関しては、アクセス制限は通常治療の妨げにはなりません。

Digital Textbooks

In the posterior aspect of the mouth where vertical space is limited to the inability of a patient to open sufficiently wide, the angulated screw channel allows the screwdriver to tighten the abutment screw without requiring as much vertical opening due to mesial inclination of the channel in the crown.
Biomechanical studies of the relationship between and cranial form and function have frequently appeared in dental and engineering literature since the mid-to-late 90s. It is known that deformation of the cranial vault occurs during contraction of the temporalis muscle, most particularly the anterior portion of the muscle (Fitton et al, 2012). Craniofacial osseous stress and strain occurring during mastication is moderated by the unique, complex suture types found throughout the skull.