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  • 残存歯および周囲組織の状態は、治療計画に影響を与えます。
  • 残存歯および周囲組織の状態は、インプラント支持補綴物の予後に影響を与えます。

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Oral implants, as well as natural teeth, have to pierce the oral mucosa and enter the oral cavity to be functionally useful. This penetration establishes a transmucosal communication between the inner parts of the body and the external environment for multiple toxic micro-organisms or substances.
In a contemporary dental practice implant dentistry should be recognized as an accepted treatment modality based on decades of success. Consequently, clinicians who provide implant surgical and/or prosthodontic treatment should develop and routinely provide patients with a dental implant oral hygiene maintenance protocol to ensure the longevity of the treatment provided. In addition, clinic staff and implant patients themselves should be advised that research has shown maintaining peri-implant tissue health is a key factor related to the long-term survival of dental implants. Furthermore, the maintenance procedures for a dental implant patient will differ in some respects from the program provided for fully dentate patients.