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  • 多くの場合、禁忌は絶対ではなく、各患者の状況とリスク評価によって判断します。
  • 一部の重大な医学的危険因子は残りますが、常に患者のモチベーションとコンプライアンスを考慮します。
  • 疑わしい場合は、インプラント以外の補綴治療を検討します。

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An osseointegrated implant with its restored crown has become routinely recommended for replacing a single tooth. In fact, placement of an implant and crown is widely regarded as the preferred treatment modality rather than a fixed partial denture or a removable partial denture. This treatment planning choice is due, in part, to the high survival rate of single implants and their associated crowns and patient preference. When faced with the choice to involve two otherwise healthy teeth adjacent to an edentulous area or fabricate removable prosthesis, patients are more likely to select an implant supported single crown.