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Key points

  • 近遠心空間(隣接歯間):7mm(→インプラント1本)、12mm(→インプラント2本)
  • 口蓋頬側(Bucco-palatal)空間:6mm(通常インプラント: Ø 4mm)
  • 隣接歯からの距離:≥1.5mm
  • インプラント間空間:3mm.
  • 上顎骨間(咬合)空間:>10mm.
  • 解剖学的検討事項:上顎洞、下歯槽神経、オトガイ神経、リンガルコンキャビティ(下顎)
  • 選択肢:可撤式部分義歯、樹脂接着の固定式補綴物、固定式部分義歯

Digital Textbooks

Achieving your intended outcome with endosseous implant therapy requires careful planning and execution of both the surgical and prosthodontic aspects of treatment. Seamless integration of these two phases of care is vital. Attaining your final treatment outcome typically is based on a number of factors: a comprehensive evaluation of the patient, obtaining the required records, a thorough understanding of the possibilities and limitations inherent in both the surgical and prosthodontic phases of different treatment options, developing and communicating a definitive treatment plan to the patient, and patient acceptance of that treatment plan.