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Oliver Hugo


Dr Hugo graduated Würzburg; Germany, in 1994, joint general practice in Schweinfurt 1997, doctorate in 1999, founding of the Paro-Impla mailing list in 1999, lecturing activity since 2000, founding of ZSS training institute in 2001, founding member of Dentist’s-Quality-Circle (ZAEQS), which he has chaired for many years, specialist in implantology since 2003 (DGZI)/diplomate ICOI, focus of activities since 2005 implantology (surgery and restaurative), observation/supervision practice of DGZI and DGI since 2007, member of the NobelBiocare Advisory-Board, Editorial Advisor of PIP-Verlag, Germany, 2012 acceptance to a postgraduate Master course in periodontology and implant therapy at Dresden International University