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Easter Island humanitarian mission

Dental implantology experts and the Foundation of Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) have taken a new treatment solution for edentulism to Rapa Nui (also...

International congress on peri-implantitis

Peri-implant disease is a much discussed topic. There is currently no consensus about aetiology or treatment. That’s why the research association...

Treatment Guidelines


Unique patient-centred multi-disciplinary treatment guidelines

Discover FOR's multi-disciplinary review of key evidence-based principles and clinical treatment steps for edentulous patients who long for an oral rehabilitation which meets their wishes and possibilities.

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Discover an interactive, mobile experience for a world beyond the PDF

Improve or refresh your implant diagnosis, placement and restoration knowledge with the “Single Implants and their Restoration” digital textbook.

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最善の治療を患者様へ また、同業者間にご自身の治療履歴を公開し、討論するなどご利用方法は様々です。


“Outstanding, impressive & exceptional are the first 3 words that come out of my head every time I visit FOR.” 

F. Teixeira-Barbosa






Discover just some of the ways in which FOR fosters learning, networking and engagement. 

Whether clinicians and dental students are interested in engaging in discussions via our global and local forums, receiving treatment advice via anonymous postings, or simply sharing an unlimited number of images, videos or document attachments with colleagues, FOR.org is the place to be to enhance and expand both your personal and professional networks.

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