FOR Faculty

The ideal addition to your curriculum

The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) is committed to education of the dental community. Dental students represent our largest single opportunty to support this worthy vision. In addition to our other compelling content, FOR is making available three outstanding digital textbooks for university faculty to incorporate into their curriculum at no cost

The FOR website provides many other resources that you and your students will find valuable.

These resources can be used in class to stimulate discussion and interactivity and expand the thought processes of students.

Reasons to incorporate our Digital Textbooks into your plan include:

  • No cost for the book for you or your students
  • Self-assessment statements appear regularly throughout the text - students can verify their understanding of key learning points as they go along
  • More thorough self assessment quizzes are provided at the end of each chapter - allowing students to use these books as a self-guided educational resource
  • Faculty could employ the same questions: give an assignment for students to read, then review the questions at beginning of class prior to reviewing the materials in class
    Or, use individual chapters assigned to students, review the chapter and concepts in class, then review questions with students
  • Use the textbooks as either an interactive experience (reading and class review) or as a self assignment
  • If desired, FOR will provide 'soft copies' (MS-WORD document) of questions for easy adaptation into your learning plan
How to incorporate these Digital Textbooks:

The process is straight-forward.  The Digital Textbooks are available at no charge, registration on is required.

  1. Each student will need to register on (  Complete the simple registration information.

  2. Access the ebook

a) via the website (no special reader required) by pushing the "open book" button on their respective page:

   Single Implants and Their Restoration:

   Implant Overdentures:

   The Temporomandibular Joint:

b) Download to iPad or android.   It's best to watch this short instuctional video first (1min, 34sec).


Common questions and answers can be found here:

The Fine Print

We are delighted to have FOR materials and content integrated into your university (or study club) curriculum.  We actively promote our content as a resource for university faculty.

You are welcome to use our content freely within your curriculum with a few minor restrictions:

  • Any-and-all branding must be maintained
  • Our Digital Textbooks are copyrighted, so use of them (or parts of them) must recognize '© Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation'
  • Use of videos or other materials should likewise indicate "Courtesy of Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation"
  • The materials are to be used for educational purposes only.  Use outside of this would require additional approval from the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation


Benefits of incorporating FOR into your curriculum

Contemporary knowledge
More interactive than traditional text books
Test your knowledge: self assessment questions embedded into every chapter to reinforce key learning points
Simple distribution, usable on web and tablet
Suggestions for additional content are welcome
Submit digital images you feel are particularly relevant and receive credit/attribution
Potential to influence content in a very quick way, no need to reprint
Free resource for students
If faculty chooses to use for classroom/student instruction, instructor gets free access