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Giorgio Tabanella


Dr. Tabanella is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. He graduated from the University of Southern California-Los Angeles-USA where he obtained the Certificate in Periodontics as well as the Master of Science in Craniofacial Biology. He was awarded the “Outstanding Periodontal Graduate Student Research In Surgery And Implantology” by the California society of Periodontists for his study on bone remodeling. He is the Scientific Coordinator of the International Implant Conference, and reviewer and author of original articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Tabanella lectures in Europe as well as in the US on implant and periodontal surgery, aesthetics, peri-implant bone remodeling, soft and hard tissue reconstruction. He maintains a private practice limited to periodontology, reconstructive and implant surgery in Rome, Italy.

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Giorgio Tabanella:从牙周的角度看待

在数个患者案例的支持下,本次讲座深入了解了如何处理美学区域减少或患病的牙周状况。Tabanella博士回顾了软组织的管理、皮瓣技术、软硬组织移植和临时性修复体出现的轮廓设计的生物学原理。 Tabanella博士总结说,重要的是进行一个适当的风险评估,评估影像学和手术状况,增加颊骨厚度,提高和增强生物类型并留足够的时间进行适当的软组织愈合。