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Prof. DDr. Werner Zechner earned his M.D. in 1995 and his D.D.S. in 1999. He is Associate Professor and Senior Physician at the Department of Oral Surgery, Bernhard-Gottlieb-Dental University Clinic, Medical University of Vienna since 2003 / MUW with the specialization in bone grafting, implant surfaces and navigated implant protocols. He is head for the scientific consortium, “Computer-aided Implant Placement and Prosthetic Rehabilitation,” at the university. Extensively published, Prof. Zechner has also presented at hundreds of national/international events. He is president of the Austrian Society for Implantology (OGI), and is member of several professional organizations. He is active in the university dental clinic and in private practice.

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本次演讲概述了无牙颌适应症基于种植的治疗方案随时间推移的发展,一直到最新的治疗技术,比如颧骨植入,All-on-4技术、数字化诊断和治疗规划以及导引式手术程序。 根据患者生活质量的改善,Zechner博士探讨了不同的治疗和假体修复方案。在进行临床案例的视频展示时,Zechner博士证明了数字化诊断和导引式手术工具的程序和精确度,并探讨了这些技术可以扩展基于植入治疗的适应症,也适用于可能在医疗上受到损害的患者。