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France Lambert


France Lambert graduated with in dentistry in 2002 and also completed a post-graduate program in Periodontology at the University of Liège. In 2005, she received a 1-year scholarship to expand her education in implantology at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Currently she is Associate Professor in Dental Biomaterials ( and Head of the Clinic in the Department of Periodontology and Oral Surgery ( at University of Liège, Belgium. Her clinical activity is dedicated to periodontology and implantology. The focus of her research is 1° bone regeneration and biomaterials, 2° soft tissue integration around teeth and implants and 3° innovative and less invasive implant protocols. She is lecturing internationally and is the author of several international publications. France Lambert is also the past-President of the Belgian Society of Periodontology and a Junior Officer at the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP).