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Markus Blatz


Prof. Markus B. Blatz is Professor and Chair in the Department of Preventive and Restorative Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and founding Director of their CAD/CAM Ceramic Center. He received his dental degree, Doctorate, postgraduate Certificate in Prosthodontics, Habilitation (PhD), and, most recently, a Professorship from Freiburg University in Germany. The Founder and President-elect of the International Academy for Adhesive Dentistry (IAAD) and a member of numerous other professional organizations and editorial boards, he is the recipient of multiple teaching and research awards and has published and lectured extensively on esthetic, implant, and restorative dentistry.

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没有一种材料适合所有的患者,新材料和技术的可用性需要做出明智的决策以达到假体修复的目的:尽可能地接近天然牙齿。因此治疗规划是关键。布拉茨博士深入了解了在美学修复设计中发挥作用的不同因素,包括材料的选择,框架和出现的轮廓设计,美观参数,粘着剂固定和螺钉固位的构造,修复以及CAD / CAM技术的优势。布拉茨博士指出,从实验室的角度来看CAD / CAM技术提供了高度的准确性,在另一方面而言,临床程序需要高精确度,以及如关于印模技术。