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Oliver Hugo


Dr Hugo graduated Würzburg; Germany, in 1994, joint general practice in Schweinfurt 1997, doctorate in 1999, founding of the Paro-Impla mailing list in 1999, lecturing activity since 2000, founding of ZSS training institute in 2001, founding member of Dentist’s-Quality-Circle (ZAEQS), which he has chaired for many years, specialist in implantology since 2003 (DGZI)/diplomate ICOI, focus of activities since 2005 implantology (surgery and restaurative), observation/supervision practice of DGZI and DGI since 2007, member of the NobelBiocare Advisory-Board, Editorial Advisor of PIP-Verlag, Germany, 2012 acceptance to a postgraduate Master course in periodontology and implant therapy at Dresden International University

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本次讲座审视了X射线诊断和CBCT扫描的基础,以及基于软件的治疗计划的诊断能力如何在日常实践中支持临床医师。无法在常规基础上进行CBCT扫描,但是如果是出于种植治疗的目的进行扫描,雨果博士鼓励尽可能获取最多的诊断信息,例如关于牙周、牙髓及其它诊断和解剖方面。在呈现临床案例时,雨果博士进一步审视了数字化治疗工作流程的每个步骤,并探讨了螺丝固位和黏着剂固位修复设计的优点和缺点。博士总结道,NobelClinician对于 DICOM数据的可视化,不仅是无牙颌案例中极为卓越的工具,也是部分无牙颌案例中的一大利器。