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Dr. Patrick Palacci received his DDS degree from Marseilles University in 1975, his postgraduate education in Periodontology at Boston University from 1977 to 1981, and was appointed as a Visiting Professor at the University in 1982. Dr. Palacci is in private practice in Marseilles and is Head of the Brånemark Osseointegration Center. He has developed several techniques for optimal implant positioning, papilla regeneration techniques and esthetic implant dentistry, and has authored numerous scientific articles and three textbooks published in 1995, 2001 and 2008. Dr. Palacci received the fi rst NobelPharma Award in 1995. He currently conducts a number of courses in his private clinic and has been a speaker at scientific meetings worldwide.

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更换丢失的侧切牙对于窄植体是一种常规的适应症。Palacci博士建议并讨论了窄植体更广泛的用途,例如在牙槽嵴狭窄,骨骼或凹陷数量有限的情况下。采用窄植体是一种低侵入性的治疗方案,可以帮助优化植入位置,保护骨骼和颊板,极大地简化种植治疗程序,并减小耗时。 在唇线较高、流动性和美学期望均高的情况下,在前区的短种植体可以优化治疗结果。在长达 10年的834名窄植体植入案例中,没有发生过元件或植体断裂。Palacci博士的结论是,采用窄植入物是一种安全可靠的技术,除了后下颌骨和上颌骨骨骼高度有限的情况,几乎可以用于每一个领域,与“复杂的极致就是简单” 理念...